About Us

At Meadow Lawn Angus, our goal is simple. We strive to produce top quality Angus cattle that fit the needs of the world’s cattle producers and beef consumers, while creating lasting relationships within the industry. A passion that has been a huge part of our lives for over one hundred years has turned into a lifestyle for all of us. We take pride in our operation and providing quality care for each and every one of our animals. They are family, too, and that is exactly how we treat them.

When we decided to get involved in the Angus breed, our first five cows were purchased from Mill Coulee Angus and all of them tracing back to their renowned Barbara cow family. We looked up to the operation and saw them as a real mentor for us moving forward. We have been very grateful for the opportunity to work and learn from the Pedretti family.

Our first herd bull was purchased the following year from Riley Brothers Angus in Darlington, Wisconsin. He was a protege son of the famous BA Lady cow in their herd that also produced Tour of Duty. At the time, we didn’t fully understand the story of BA Lady. But, today, the Lady and Barbara cow families have had a tremendous influence on our herd.

Over the past few years, we have added additional females from Musgrave Angus, 2k Cattle, Werner Angus, Peterson Angus, and most recently, Crouch Angus Valley, Barta Farms, and Mindemann Farms - all of whom have become great friends and real leaders for us in growing our operation.

We continue to grow our herd with top quality genetics from some of the countries best operations. The friendships we have developed and future ones to come are an opportunity for us to share our passion and love for top quality cattle.